Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pallet furniture

Hi all!

So this is my very first piece of handmade (by moi) furniture.

Whoever said it was easy, made in a couple of hours, your man could do it with his eyes closed etc. was not exactly wrong but it was an understatement.

It took me a few months to actually complete the job and it required an infinite amount of patience (oooooommmmmm!) but it was so rewarding and I'm so very happy!


This are the before and after pics; as you can see, it was a much needed transformation.

We didn't want to start changing the decor in a place that wasn't ours and that we didn't know whether we were going to remain at but we couldn't stand the ever growing amount of cables anymore. Also, I needed an extra little project to survive the short but incredibly boring winter months, so this is how I did it.

Pallets. Not as easy to find as people advertise it. Luckily (but only after I'd already cut 2 with tremendous effort) we were given 2 in great condition and things went smoothly after that.

This thingy, I broke it. Won't say more about it. 

Safety goggles, swimming goggles, who cares? Safety comes first
Proper workin' it, baby!

First draft
7,000 layers of paint
Mummy's little helper...not!
Tah dah!!!
Here's a link for other interesting pallet projects, I'm sure to get my hands dirty again sometime (not so) soon ;-), maybe next winter when/if we start doing up our own space...

What are your favourite handmade furniture making ideas? Any tips for me? :-)

Some of my favourite comments when I posted pictures of 'my pallets' were things like...'sure it wasn't a man who made it, otherwise it wouldn't be finished' or this photo doing the rounds on facebook (that I can't find) that goes like 'if your man says he'll do it, he'll do it; no need to remind him every six months'...

Cheers to the 'can do attitude' ladies! 

Have a good week!

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