Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bohemian wedding shoot PHOTOS and MOLET collaboration

Hey hey!
As mentioned in my last post, exciting things are happening in my world lately and there will be changes in the shop soon. But let's do one thing at a time...

To mention just one piece of news for now, lipsandpieces is collaborating with the Spanish online store for 5 days only, 3 to go now...this is a very proud moment for me since it's the first time someone tells me 'we're looking for exciting new designers to add to our store, etc.'

For a bit of eye candy, below I leave you some of my favourite shots from the photoshoot we had a couple of days ago. I miss doing make up and the locations around here are just incredible, it had to be done. The new pieces will be added to the shop as soon as I find the time.

Special thanks to my gorgeous model Cristiana and my photographer and my everything, Luca.

Morning prep

Flower child

    Rustic chic    

Smaller pieces

Flower crown and amazing colours, LOVE.

The photographer and me, LOVE.

   some extra shots for the shop...'STOP!! needin' a break here' says the model...

Too windy to keep the necklace or the hair in place but sexy as Oh my!

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below :-)

Have a nice week!