Monday, 15 December 2014

My first trip to Morocco

And I say 'first' because I feel it won't be the last, although I would do it a bit differently; not sure how I did it on my last 6 month trip to not feel exhausted of all this moving around, this time I couldn't wait to come back home! It could've been the fact that we saw pretty much half of Morocco in 16 days...anyhow, next time we're getting a car, I'm too old for this now ;-)

Here's a few of my favourite pictures of an amazingly diverse country in so many aspects, from landscape, to flavours to weather conditions, to arts and crafts etc. 

I knew they were incredibly good artisans but the stuff I've seen them make exceeded my expectations and it was great to see they're keen on keeping their traditions alive too. 

One of the funniest things we realized they do is they paint their taxis depending on the 'colour of the city', so in Chefchaouen they're blue while in the desert they're 'sandy' etc. Cool, huh?!

Enjoy the pictures now!

Sunrise at Sahara desert, it must have been around 5am, I mean...
It was freeeeezing at the High Atlas mountains, a very early start again, where is my coffee!!! 
At this unpronounceable place where they film all the 'Gladiator-type' movies...recognize it?

Leather tanning in Fes - oh the stench!

Dealing with a lovely (non English or French speaker) leather Master Artisan

Textile weaving

Rug making
Jewels, metalwork and ceramics
Pottery, crockery

Amazing painted wall in the gorgeous Chefchaouen, the blue city. 

Like a kid in a candy-shop...

Pretty much on the last day of the holiday...
I finally found the Kilim I could afford to buy :-)

Incredible colours and flavours

The best nuts and dried fruits I've ever eaten!
Follow the leader (leader-leader...) 
The beautiful Essaouira

Do we need a caption here?

Off the beaten track - Sidi Kaouki - lush. 

Feeling jealous yet? Go, go, go!!!
Although you'll have to be well prepared for the amount of people who'll try to sell you something every second of the day, especially in Marrakech (not sure I'd go back there).
 How do you usually deal with it?

Till next time xxx

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