Monday, 7 April 2014

Barbeques, old friends and acrobatics.

So barbeque season has started.

Days are getting longer, nights are getting warmer. Not sure how I'll get any work done once we get into the full swing of things; and by this I mean when people start dropping over 3 times a week in herds, 'cause they don't do stuff half-way here...

Thursday afternoon, 10 people for lunch (just some of the ones that weren't working).

Our chef is cooking 4 different dishes and dips to accompany the traditional sicilian sausage in a tiny kitchen while someone else is at the barbeque...braised radicchio with red wine sauce, white onion with orange sauce, the popular tzatziki and an Italian variation to the Argentine chimichurri, all delicious!

We didn't manage to take pictures of the food fast enough I'm afraid, it literally flew off the table...

After lunch, of course, it was coffee time...

One of our guests of honor, the incredibly talented Mr.Circuscyr delighted us with an amazing coffee and orange frappĂ©, which is just one of his many talents. 

When he's not making coffee or balancing on anything he can put his hands on, he's either traveling to another picturesque city on his van or training on his cyr wheel, and that's when he's not being offered to do the opening act at the Donostia-San Sebastian film festival and  not being able to make it, ouch!

You should be able to catch him live on the streets of Montpellier these days, soon in Paris and around the summer months (whenever that is) in the UK.

The other guest of honor and also visiting for a few days was Giorgio, another free-spirited, creative minded individual.

His gifts include songwriting, guitar playing and singing amongst other things and you should be able to see him live with his band on the bars of Barcelona and around.

Whenever I listen to any of their no swing-no manouche rhytms, I just wanna dance. And that's what I do (well, not while I'm typing...)
So, to finish off an 8 hour lunch in the truest Italo-creative style, a few songs around the table and a happy customer ready to take a cat-nap.
If you want your guests to go off in style, don't forget to give them some lemons straight from the tree ;-)

Homemade limoncello coming do you make yours?

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