Monday, 24 March 2014

Bright nautical knot bracelets - tutorial.

I had a bit of trouble taking pictures on my own...

 Good morning, morning.

It's been a bit of a hectic week with 2 new English students ( not sure how full-time teachers do it to prepare their lessons? ), the Saturday evening restaurant job, the 'organic farming' course we're taking, all the regular weekly tasks and the extra flyer-ing job we had this week. It's been coming and going to the city every day; lucky for us, Ragusa is only 20min away.

To be honest, I've always preferred to have different little jobs rather than a full-time one at the same place, same time, same people, every day one but I do feel my head spinning with so many different things in it, sometimes. I always have a few homemade projects on the go at the same time too and this week I've only managed to finish this one...and run out of materials. Daaah!

See the recycled little charms? Got a bag full of jewelery scraps...

 I made my first nautical knot bracelet for my best friend's wedding a few years back but never thought anything of it and then last year I started to see them everywhere...I made that first one without any guidance, I'm a fisherman's daughter at the end of the day...

I bought the embroidery thread in a market in Guatemala

For this ones, I used a tutorial  that I found on Etsy

We went to this DIY - hardware shop the other day to do this 'flyer-ing' job for Roberto (we love the owner and he loves us back) and as usual I had a little walk around looking for possible materials. He took the piss out of me saying whether I was going to make my children's stuff with the coolest bright coloured synthetic cords that he had but so far I had a very positive response from lots of adults around me, so there you go...I'm off to the shop to get some more cord. See ya!

p.s. I tweaked the blog a bit so you can now share, subscribe and all of those things. I still don't know how to add pics of my shop, only managed to add a link...ideas anyone?

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